Absurd Ahsoka Finale Speculation

Tomorrow night, the Ahsoka finale airs on Disney+. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve enjoyed the show. It’s not perfect, but I love Star Wars Rebels and it’s great to see a continuation of the story line. I’ve got a few absurd ideas about the finale that I figured I’d share. Our heroes are on Peridea, in another galaxy. Thrawn is ready to come back to the core galaxy, partnered with the Nightsisters, to restore the Empire.

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My son, Ryan, is back in goal for another fall lacrosse season.

Lacrosse goalie stops a shot.

Weather is beautiful today. Hanging out on the back deck and cooking out on the grill.

Columbia’s Soda City Market is hoppin’ today. I remember when they only took up two blocks of Main Street.

People walking around the Soda City Market.

Overheard at a grad school symposium:

I mean, we’re grad students. We should geek out about our research.

Loved this story on the Washington Post about the evolving color palette of Lego bricks.

As a designer who is also a Ph.D. student, I don’t understand why all diagrams in academic journals are poorly crafted.

Reading back through some journal articles for class from 2001 about the potential of the internet to shape public relations. It’s a flashback to a moment after the popularization of the web, but before social media. A very different world. (I miss that world.)

Got to film in the South Caroliniana Library on campus today. Hadn’t been in since the renovation started in 2015. Designed by Robert Mills in 1840, South Caroliniana is the oldest freestanding college library in the United States. The renovation/restoration is phenomenal.

Stairwell at South Caroliniana Library on the campus of the University of South Carolina

Sports talk radio all over South Carolina is going to be a dumpster fire tomorrow.

Rewatching the first few episodes of Ahsoka again. Thrilled to see the Star Wars Rebels storyline continuing.

Today is a holiday, but my daughter needed to study and I had some grad school work to do so we headed out to Starbucks. This was the only coffee shop near my house when I started grad school and I was here for long hours most weekends. It was open late and was seemingly always filled with other grad students. After COVID shut everything down, several new coffee shops opened up including two very close to my house. I don’t visit “Grad School Starbucks” very often these days, but it’s funny how a space can hold so many memories…

I realized a long time ago that watching South Carolina play football on TV just stresses me out. So I’ll follow along with the game against UNC on the ESPN website. I’ll be happy if they win. And I’ll be less frustrated if the lose.

The wifi at my daughter’s dorm room is slow and she has a hybrid class that starts this week. I dropped off an ethernet cable and a USB-C adapter today and now her internet incredibly fast. Wifi is convenient, but ethernet is fast and reliable.

Saw these flowers outside of a restaurant this evening.

Four yellow flowers surrounded by green leaves.

I had a great view of campus today. From the 8th floor, you can really see how many trees are all over the University of South Carolina campus.

View of the University of South Carolina campus from the 8th floor of the Close-Hipp building

I follow a handful of Mastodon accounts here on Micro.Blog. Every so often, I notice them replying to some controversy swirling around Mastodon. Or arguing with a particularly rude commenter. I’m glad I can follow Mastodon accounts on Micro.Blog, because I don’t think I’d enjoy Mastodon.

The Beekeepers Who Don’t Want You to Buy More Bees - The New York Times:

“But that’s an agriculture story, not a conservation story,” Mr. Black said. “There are now more honey bees on the planet than there have ever been in human history.”

Streaming killed the TV clip show

Recently, we started rewatching Alias, the 2000s ABC spy thriller by J.J. Abrams.1 All five seasons are on Disney+ and we started from the beginning. Season 1 has 22 episodes, which was once considered a “full season.” Now, a streaming show rarely has more than 8 or 10 episodes a season. Alias became a hit and attracted new viewers over the first season. But in the broadcast TV era, there wasn’t an easy way for people to go back and watch the episodes they’d missed.

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Dropped my oldest off at college today. She is living in the same building that my wife lived in her freshman year. She’s only 20 minutes away from our house, and my office is 6 blocks away, but it’s still a big change for Team Wertz.

Our college freshman is moved into her residence hall.