My first guess in Wordle today eliminated all but one word. Solved in two.

The Apple Sports app for following games in progress is so much better than using ESPN’s web site. Simple, but really well done.

Just thinking … @manton … would it be possible build a Facebook import into Micro.Blog, similar to how the Twitter import works? I shared family memories when my kids were little, and I’d love to have it on my site. Facebook allows an export, but I don’t know how challenging it would be to import.

I’m really glad I was able to export my tweets and move them to Micro.Blog. It gives me a record of all of my activity on Twitter on a site I control, but it also discourages me from going back to Twitter because I know the listing at is complete.

The price of taking yesterday off is seven meetings today.

One irritating thing about working on your PhD at the same university that you work at… If you take the day off to do school work, and you need to email someone a school-related question, you see all of your work email that you were trying to avoid.

South Carolina Women’s Basketball just beat #11 UConn by 18 points, without leading scorer Kamilla Cardoso who is off this week playing for Brazil in Olympic qualifying. This team is incredible. I think it’s the best team Dawn Staley has assembled, and that’s saying something.

My daughter was in the student section 1.5 hours before the start of the South Carolina/UCONN women’s basketball game. Colonial Life Arena is going to be hopping today.

I changed my Micro.Blog avatar to my little fish logo. I change the logo on the top of my site based on my mood and I would change my avatar, too, but I think the avatar is too small to see what expression the fish has…

The Church Sign Problem: An extended metaphor for many things in business and life.

An established church in a small town has a simple sign by the side of the road. The town is growing and the road in front of the church is getting much busier. A new church down the road installs a large sign. Not wanting to fall behind the times, the established church installs a new sign, too. This sign allows the church to add custom messages to the sign by manually arranging letters.

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Trying out a new Starbucks that just opened. This location was clearly designed to primarily be a drive thru and pick up location. It looks tiny from the outside, but actually has a lot of seating.

I like the way that @manton has improved crossposting in Micro.Blog.

So happy that Project Tapestry is funded. Congrats to and let’s keep going until we reach the stretch goal!

In a crowded Starbucks. I glance up to see if they’ve called my name. I didn’t hear them, but it’s been a while. A woman waiting for her drink looks at me and spells my name with sign language. I nod and then realize what she did. B-O-B is pretty easy in sign language, but it was still pretty cool.

We Asked A.I. to Create the Joker. It Generated a Copyrighted Image. - The New York Times

I don’t have an issue with the concept of AI, but especially with imagery, how you train the model matters. The most popular generative systems were trained on copyrighted material and that’s a problem.

A good week for South Carolina basketball. The men beat Kentucky. The women beat LSU on the road to remain unbeaten. 🏀

More than 30 years ago, I used a Mac for the first time in high school and was instantly hooked. I finally saved up enough money to purchase my first Mac my sophomore year in college. A Power Mac 7500 that I used for a very long time until I bought an iMac. Happy birthday, Macintosh.

So I’m working my full-time job, taking a class and teaching a lecture class this semester. I’ve got a pretty good plan for managing my time, but every so often, I wake up at 1:30 with an idea in my head and end up working for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.

Seth Godin on Variety and the Long Tail:

It’s easy to miss the feeling of a monoculture if you grew up with it. Hits gave us something to talk about, adhere to or even work against. There are so many pockets of culture, it can’t help but feel a bit more lonely from a certain angle.

I might also add: It’s easy to miss the feeling of the early web if you grew up with it.

Honda shows off EV concepts – and two new logos

A new look and branding for Honda EVs Honda showed off two new EV concepts under the new Honda Zero brand at CES — the Saloon and the Space-Hub. Most of the coverage is focused on the futuristic looks of the concept cars. As someone who grew up going to the Chicago Auto Show and seeing the cars of the future, I’d temper any expectations that the final designs will be this radical.

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The Atlantic: If There Are No Stupid Questions, Then How Do You Explain Quora?

Provocative content started to take over, perhaps because it led to more engagement and then, in turn, to more advertising revenue.

Also available on Apple News+ for those of you with the Apple One bundle.

The user experience for setting up a kid’s account on most services is terrible… I understand why people just set up normal accounts for their kids and type in fake birthdates. It’s frustrating.

Over the holiday, I had to search on Google for some obituaries and I’ve learned there are tons of sites that scrap obituaries, funeral home sites and social media and then flood Google results with AI-generated, ad-covered garbage.

Both of the textbooks I need for the class I’m taking this semester are available as ebooks, but my options are Kindle or a proprietary publisher owned system. Of course, I can read them on my computer, but now I’m pondering buying a Kindle.

Reset, Continued: 2024

I adopt a theme each year and last year, the theme was Reset. That theme included focusing on physical and mental health, writing more, getting organized and rediscovering creative endeavors. I made progress with three out of four goals. I wrote more, getting my first journal article published and I have several others in the works. I’ve written more here on Micro.Blog in 2023. So mission accomplished. I did a good job getting organized, but I need to stay organized.

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