I had to have a conversation with my 12-year son that parts of Star Wars fandom is toxic. And that some people who complain about Star Wars are motivated by their opinions on race, gender or politics.

Voted in the SC primary on the way into work today. In and out in less than 5 minutes. Remember that your vote counts — especially during primaries where the turnout is low. Support good candidates now so they will be on the ballot in November.

I watched most of Apple’s WWDC Keynote today. Still not particularly interested in the AI features, but there were plenty of other features I’m looking forward to using.

Our SC state representative is texting about how he’s “fighting liberals to secure the border.” Which border is he talking about? Our border with North Carolina or Georgia? Because pretty sure the SC state government isn’t responsible for any other borders.

Suicide is often ignored in the gun control debate. The NY Times has a heart-wrenching story about a woman trying to change perceptions in Montana:

Murder rates and mass shootings make national headlines, defining the discussion over pervasive gun violence. But most gun deaths in America are self-inflicted.

Woke up to the noise of a couple of chatty Barred Owls outside our bedroom window. 🦉

Fireflies are out in force in our backyard.

I’ve never really watched any car racing, but out of nowhere, my 16-year-old became interested in F1. Just watched the Canadian Grand Prix and you know what? I get the hype. That was fun.

Watching F1 with my daughter, who keeps surprising me with her race knowledge.

I took tomorrow off from work to have a “retreat” day. I’ll hole up in a coffee shop. Plan projects and grad school. Write. Maybe work on some typefaces. I try to do this twice a year, but I missed my regular January kickoff at the start of the year. I really need this day to get focused.

While I think most designers overreacted to the change in the Adobe Terms of Service update, I did go ahead and upgrade to the latest version of the Affinity Suite.

Here’s the other one I’m finishing up: SbB Directorate. Inspired by scifi bureaucracy and named after the government in Buck Rogers. Weight, width and slant axes.

I’ve been working on a couple of variable typeface designs lately. This one is SbB Departure Mono, based on a old Fontstruct design of mine. Two axes: Weight and Slant.

Working on a typeface design tonight and I’m really grateful for the comprehensive documentation available for Glyphs 3. Good user manuals are a lost art, and sometimes, you just need a reference guide to look something up.

Enjoyed the first two episodes of The Acolyte. Looking forward to seeing where the show goes…

Watching old episodes of Eureka tonight. Forgot how much I liked the show.

My wife’s car was totaled in a particularly horrific accident. (She’s fine) I’m still getting text and email updates on the car’s status… battery low, tires flat, etc. and it looks like the only way to stop them is to call OnStar… sigh.

School’s out and I don’t have to take my daughter to high school, so I’m the first person in the office today. Been a while since that’s happened, but I really do love getting into the office when it’s quiet.

I tried to help my wife with an issue on her work-issued PC laptop. I struggled so badly with the built in trackpad, that she pulled a mouse out of her bag for me to use. It was even worse than my kid’s school-issued Chromebooks. I am completely spoiled by Apple’s trackpad designs.

Pretty much the only reason we have an Alexa in our kitchen is for AnyList. It’s a shame that Amazon is going to make it harder to add items to our AnyList shopping list via Alexa.

A neighbor has built a custom motorcycle sidecar for his golden retriever. I’ve never seen a dog that happy.

Motorcycle with a sidecar. Golden retriever is in the sidecar.

I have yard work to do… so obviously, I’m reading up on how to customize the Tiny theme with microhooks.

Today, I was surprised to learn that my 16-year-old daughter is a secret F1 fan.

Just a reminder on Memorial Day that using the Stars and Stripes in advertising is a violation of the U.S. Flag Code.

15 years of Fontstruct

I realized this morning that I’ve been using Fontstruct for 15 years. Fontstruct is an online tool for building modular typefaces. My first typeface design — Big Thursday — debuted on May 26, 2009. Since then, I’ve publicly released 49 fonts on Fontstruct and 19 have been selected as “Staff Picks.”

The original version didn’t have a lot of flexibility,1 but over time developer Rob Meek has added new brick types, construction methods, kerning, support for color fonts and other features to Fontstruct to make it more powerful. My work tends to be a little brutalist, but if you want to understand the flexibility of the tool, check out the gallery to see what amazing creations people can craft with this online tool.

I don’t use the most complicated features, but I sometimes use Fontstruct to prototype an idea for a new typeface. One of Fontstruct’s best integrations is that I can download a file that I can open and refine in Glyphs.2 I recently created a design, moved it to Glyphs and built a variable font out of it.

Balancing work, family, grad school and other obligations, I don’t have a ton of time to spend in Fontstruct. But when they rolled out the Patron level of support for 5 euro a month, I subscribed immediately. I’m happy to support independent tools that are constantly improving.

I pulled together a sample of some of the designs I’ve created over the years on Fontstruct. Feel free to head over to my page and download anything you like. Or better yet, sign up for an account and start experimenting.

Examples of typefaces designed with Fontstruct

Bob Wertz is a creative director, type designer, Ph.D. student and researcher living in Columbia, South Carolina.

  1. And was built in Flash! ↩︎

  2. Glyphs is my type design software of choice. I love it. ↩︎