Bob Wertz

About Bob

Bob Wertz is a designer, creative director and Ph.D. student living in Columbia, South Carolina. I’ve managed creative teams in higher education and insurance for most of my career. I’ve been married for over 20 years and we have three kids, the oldest of whom is about to head to college.

As a part-time Ph.D. student at the University of South Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, my research is focused on media effects and visual communication — especially related to logos. My Google Scholar page doesn’t have much on it right now, but hopefully that will change soon.

In addition to my scholarly research interests, I enjoy experimenting with typeface designs. My typefaces are distributed as part of my other site — Sketchbook B — and sold through online vendors like MyFonts.

Where is Bob on social media?

Like much of the world, I’m currently reevaluating my social media presence. I’m starting to write more here at (which is a Micro.Blog site). Posts on this site cross post to other social media sites if I want them to. My other site, Sketchbook B, has a lot of my older writing and typeface designs. I’m significantly decreasing my presence of Twitter, but I’m still using Instagram. My Now page has a complete summary of my online accounts.

What’s Bob reading?

I honestly don’t think anyone cares, but I maintain a reading list page here on with books that I’m reading and books I want to read. One of my personal goals is to read more in 2023 so we’ll see if I can carve out time to read more.

What’s with the fish?

I drew this little guy for a personal project that never came together, but I loved him so much, he became my logo. I’ve got several different expressions — both with and without glasses — and switch them out based on how I’m feeling.

Where is hosted?

This site is hosted by Micro.Blog. I’ve had an account ever since I backed the Kickstarter, even if I haven’t always been an active user. This current iteration of was created in 2022. is hosted on Micro.Blog and uses a customized version of the Pure theme by Chris Hannah. "Bob Wertz" in the header and titles on the long posts are set in Powertrain Narrow Black, one of my typeface designs. You can purchase the my fonts on MyFonts.