With the start of school, my wife’s sleep schedule has changed radically. She goes to bed much earlier because she wakes up much earlier. The result is that I’m going to bed earlier, too, but waking up at 1 am. Not fun. I’ll get used to the new schedule, but it will take a couple of weeks.

Just discovered that the Apple TV MLB app lets you stream minor league games if you have MLB AtBat. (AtBat is the radio broadcast streaming MLB product which is much cheaper than MLB.TV.) Currently watching the Cub’s Low A Affiliate Myrtle Beach Pelicans play our local Columbia Fireflies.

The Clean Energy Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think - The New York Times:

Today, solar and wind power are the least expensive new sources of electricity in many markets, generating 12 percent of global electricity and rising. This year, for the first time, global investors are expected to pour more money into solar power — some $380 billion — than into drilling for oil.

What’s driving new growth in renewable energy? It’s not saving the environment. It’s saving money.

Finally got around to watching the season finale of Strange New Worlds. What a great season with an intense ending. Ready for season 3… which won’t be coming for a while. 🖖

Rewatching Alias on Disney+. I forgot how engaging season one was. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode. The rapid pacing. The costumes. The Rambaldi mystery. The twists and turns. So much fun.

I know the plot gets messy as the seasons add up, but I’m enjoying these early episodes.

The only Barnes and Noble in town is one of the last tenants in a dilapidated mall that is about to be redeveloped. I was nervous that they would just close the store, but they announced that they are moving to a new location. Good news.

This article makes me want to use periods even more. No More Periods in Texting. Period. - The New York Times

It seems to me that fewer people are posting on social media, but the people that are posting are posting more frequently. Could just be algorithm changes favor the heavy posters. Could just be the people I follow. But I think heavy social media users are worried about losing their audience and so they are posting more in a bid to stay relevant.

Picking out my pens and pencils for the Fall semester.

I’m working on revisions to a paper that is going through a peer review with a journal. It’s a long, intimidating process. I’m hopefully nearing the finish line, but the process wears you down.

Just got a minor revision decision on a manuscript. Excited to push this paper across the finish line.

I’m surprised that the Strange New Worlds musical soundtrack isn’t on Apple Music yet.

The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Musical Episode is amazing. Lots of musical talent on the cast. Enjoyed it so much. 🖖

This ESPN story about Florida State wanting to leave the ACC is bananas. Where would they go? The SEC isn’t adding anyone else. I don’t think the Big 10 wants to add a Florida team, although who knows? Sounds like their ego is bruised because they don’t make as much as they think they should.

Thanks to the Barbie movie, my girls have discovered the Indigo Girls. I love it.

My daughter just declared that her favorite font is Times New Roman, and I can’t think of a bigger sign that the kid is destined to be an academic.

I’m at a local coffee shop that’s normally packed with college students. But students aren’t back in town yet. Completely different clientele. It’s funny how a college town changes when school isn’t in session.

My academic research is primarily in branding and visual communication, but I’m discovering that as a media scholar today, part of my research always overlaps with social media in some way.

Spent my morning working on some typeface designs in Glyphs. I really enjoy working with fonts, and I have several designs that I’ve started and not finished. I need to prioritize creative time – not just writing, but also sketching and type design.