Bob Wertz

📷 March Photo Challenge #25. Spice. Random assortment of seasonings. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #24. Court. Basketball practice facility at the University of South Carolina. Go Gamecocks. Columbia, SC.

I just got access to Firefly, Adobe’s new generative AI beta service. It’s supposedly trained on images that they have the rights to scan. Right now, it’s limited, but I’m intrigued. I’ll write a longer post with examples later after I’ve had a chance to experiment.

📷 March Photo Challenge #23. Chance. Flipped a coin. Heads. Columbia, SC.

I came up with my silly U2 “The Fly” insect photo post for today, thinking that I wouldn’t have time to track down insect shots today because I was with a video crew on campus all day.

Our first stop, though, was a public health lab studying ticks, mosquitos and parasites.

📷 March Photo Challenge #22. Insect. Listening to U2’s new version of The Fly. Columbia, SC.

Amazon is shutting down camera review website DP Review. I always thought it was weird that they were owned by Amazon, and I guess that eventually, the cost to run the site was more than DP Review generated in sales.

📷 March Photo Challenge #21. Tiny. 1950s Hit subminiature camera. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #20. Houseplant. Up close and personal with the plant in our office. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #19. Analog. Weber Kettle thermometer. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #18. Portico. Not a grand entrance, but it’s home. Columbia, SC.

Just watched A Sort of Homecoming, the Disney+ U2 documentary/concert video with David Letterman. It’s fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

📷 March Photo Challenge #17. Early. Meeting a friend this morning at Curiousity Coffee. I’m early. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #16. Road. Crossing a street by campus. Columbia, SC.

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