Bob Wertz

This laser printer “review” from Nilay Patel at The Verge made me laugh. I wanted to buy one of these during the early days of the pandemic, but they were sold out. After years of flaky inkjets, I eventually bought a Canon Laserjet M15w and love having a black-and-white laser printer at home.

📷 March Photo Challenge #15. Patience. Waiting for my food at a busy restaurant. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #14. Horizon. View from my office on the 7th floor, overcast. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #13. Connection. Monitor Cables. Columbia, SC.

My iPhone case is starting to fall apart, so I’m going to go case-less for a little while and see if I can get used to it. (Or more precisely, see if I can get over the feeling that I’m going to shatter the glass.)

One nice side effect of the Micro.Blog March Photoblogging Challenge… I’m taking more pictures… not just for the challenge. I’d gotten out of the rhythm of shooting for fun and posting a photo every day has sparked that habit again.

📷 March Photo Challenge #12. Shiny. “Holographic” fish stickers from Sticker Mule. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #11. Gimcrack. My home office knick knack shelf needs dusting. (I had to look up “Gimcrack,” so hopefully I got it right.) Columbia, SC.

Adventures in algorithms: My daughter shared a link to a prom dress she liked. I clicked on it. Now, Instagram is serving me prom dress content.

📷 March Photo Challenge #10. Ritual. I love that my favorite local coffee shop gives me a teapot and mug when I order hot tea. Gets me in the right frame of mind for writing. Loveland Coffee. Irmo, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #9: Together. Our son’s lacrosse practice means we get to walk together. Crooked Creek Park. Chapin, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #8. Walk. Lunchtime stroll at the SC Statehouse. Columbia, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #7: Whole. Rings closed. Crooked Creek Park. Chapin, SC.

📷 March Photo Challenge #6: Engineering. Backup generators. Columbia, SC.

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