It seems to me that fewer people are posting on social media, but the people that are posting are posting more frequently. Could just be algorithm changes favor the heavy posters. Could just be the people I follow. But I think heavy social media users are worried about losing their audience and so they are posting more in a bid to stay relevant.

    Picking out my pens and pencils for the Fall semester.

    I’m working on revisions to a paper that is going through a peer review with a journal. It’s a long, intimidating process. I’m hopefully nearing the finish line, but the process wears you down.

    Just got a minor revision decision on a manuscript. Excited to push this paper across the finish line.

    I’m surprised that the Strange New Worlds musical soundtrack isn’t on Apple Music yet.

    The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Musical Episode is amazing. Lots of musical talent on the cast. Enjoyed it so much. 🖖

    This ESPN story about Florida State wanting to leave the ACC is bananas. Where would they go? The SEC isn’t adding anyone else. I don’t think the Big 10 wants to add a Florida team, although who knows? Sounds like their ego is bruised because they don’t make as much as they think they should.

    Thanks to the Barbie movie, my girls have discovered the Indigo Girls. I love it.

    My daughter just declared that her favorite font is Times New Roman, and I can’t think of a bigger sign that the kid is destined to be an academic.

    I’m at a local coffee shop that’s normally packed with college students. But students aren’t back in town yet. Completely different clientele. It’s funny how a college town changes when school isn’t in session.

    My academic research is primarily in branding and visual communication, but I’m discovering that as a media scholar today, part of my research always overlaps with social media in some way.

    Spent my morning working on some typeface designs in Glyphs. I really enjoy working with fonts, and I have several designs that I’ve started and not finished. I need to prioritize creative time – not just writing, but also sketching and type design.

    The University of Georgia School of Journalism took over a community newspaper that was about to go out of business in nearby Oglethorpe and started running it with students. This reflection digs into what has worked, what hasn’t and what smaller communities want as news…

    Finally got around to adding a fonts page to my Micro.Blog site.

    I’ve been reading the coverage of the Twitter rebranding and the most interesting framing is related to legal issues. It’s not an issue typically covered when a company rebrands… but it’s not a typical rebranding.

    A coworker of mine took Twitter off her iPhone home screen today and replaced it with Threads. She’s been a heavy Twitter user for a very long time. More and more people I know are making the jump away from the service formerly known as Twitter.

    Last day of vacation. Caught a Columbia Fireflies minor league baseball game. Had a great time and my son chased down two foul balls.

    Back to work tomorrow.

    I’ve worn contacts since 10th grade, but for some reason a few months ago, I decided to just wear glasses and see if I wanted to switch back. I gave it a few months, but I missed my contacts. Had my eye doctor appointment his morning and I’m back to contacts.

    Road-trip to Charleston and saw a bunch of cool EVs. One Rivian, a Mercedes EQS, a BMW iX and a car carrier with (6!) Cadillac Lyriq SUVs heading to a dealership somewhere.

    Beach day today at Isle of Palms. Found a couple of nice shells, too.

    Two shells.Four people in the water at the beach.

    Back in 2018, I wrote a second blog post about preparing for the sudden demise of Twitter. The illustration I did for the post seems appropriate to reshare today.

    “Twitter” bird with Xs in eyes.

    My academic research is typically focused on logos and branding. When I look at the Twitter-to-X rebranding, all I see is future citations and research questions.

    I don’t know why the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover came out early, but it’s delightful. 🖖

    Day two of vacation: Caught up with my sister and her family. Always fun to get the cousins together.

    Five cousins in a German restaurant.

    When we got married, Liz wasn’t planning on being a teacher… so a late August anniversary wasn’t a big deal. Now our anniversary falls on the first week of school every year and we never really get to celebrate. This year, we decided we would celebrate our 24th anniversary a little early.

    Selfie of a couple celebrating their anniversary.
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