A montage of eight images, each of which representing my favorite pictures from 2023

I always pull together my favorite eight shots of the year (as a contrast to those algorithmically generated “Best Nine” posts). I love that it gives me an excuse to go back over all of my images from the last year and relive a lot of great memories.

  1. Our oldest decided to attend the University of South Carolina and had a great first semester.
  2. Liz and I are notably bad a selfies, but this outtake was better than the actual selfie and I love it.
  3. The girls were a little excited about seeing Taylor Swift in concert. (It was an amazing concert and I’m glad we all got to go.)
  4. We have a high school graduate.
  5. This is a big kitty yawn, but it looks so fierce.
  6. Ryan is still playing lacrosse and bounced back after some adversity this summer to have a great rec season.
  7. We attended my nephew’s football playoff games. This was the final play in overtime that sent them to the state championship. They won that game, and won a state championship.
  8. Birthday hike for my oldest included a stop at Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah National Forest. It was so cold, that the rocks were covered with ice.

This is the fifth year I’ve done a Favorite 8. You can see my previous posts from 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 on my other site, Sketchbook B. And I posted my 2022 here on bobwertz.com.

Bob Wertz is a creative director, type designer, Ph.D. student and researcher living in Columbia, South Carolina.