Lacrosse goalie about to make a save.

Ryan’s last two lacrosse games for this season were earlier today. He’s been a goalie for a year-and-a-half now and he’s gotten pretty good, expecially since he’s just 11. It takes a special mentality to stand in there, shot after shot. If you notice in the image above, the ball is in the right side of the image flying toward him. Don’t worry, he saved that one.

I wasn’t sure he was going to play this season. He had a rough experience this summer, playing up two age levels against elite travel competition and it was a disaster. His confidence was obliterated and his body took a beating. His coaches admitted they were worried he was done after the experience. He put his stick in the corner when we got home from the last tournament and it stayed there, untouched, until about a week before the fall rec season. With the sign up deadline approaching, we talked and he decided to try again and see if he could get back in the groove. He really does enjoy playing and especially being part of a team. The result: He went 9-1 on the season and continued to get better and learn his position.

I don’t know how long he’ll keep playing. He’s looking forward to trying out for the JV team in a little over a year, so that’s his next goal. But however long he decides to stick with it, I’m immensely proud of his determination and resilience.