Tomorrow night, the Ahsoka finale airs on Disney+. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve enjoyed the show. It’s not perfect, but I love Star Wars Rebels and it’s great to see a continuation of the story line.

I’ve got a few absurd ideas about the finale that I figured I’d share. Our heroes are on Peridea, in another galaxy. Thrawn is ready to come back to the core galaxy, partnered with the Nightsisters, to restore the Empire.

Here are 9 absurd things that are not going to happen on the season finale of Ahsoka:

  1. Our heroes (and maybe villains) will remain stuck in the Peridea galaxy. That would at least explain where they were during the Rise of Skywalker.

  2. Force ghost Kanan Jarrus appears to… Ezra? Hera? Jacen?

  3. Yoda’s species is actually from this new galaxy, and they are the enemies of the Nightsisters.

  4. There is an even darker power in the new galaxy that is stronger than the Nightsisters and Thrawn… which is why they want to escape.

  5. Huyang helps Ezra make a new lightsaber, and the blade is… yellow or purple.

  6. All those New Republic ships are actually filled with Imperial technology and spies and Thrawn will be able to control them.

  7. There’s a Jedi temple on Peridea… with a portal that transports our heroes to Lothal via wolf ride.

  8. Post credit scene features Hera assembling a team to fight Thrawn… including Zeb, the Mandalorian, Grogu, the surviving members of the Bad Batch and Rex.

  9. Baylan Skoll actually does have a plan.

I warned you they were absurd, but the list was fun to come up with. Looking forward to seeing where the show lands. There is no way they can resolve all the various plot threads, so I assume there will be another season, or the storyline will be continued in another series. Eventually, we already know this leads to a new Dave Filoni-directed movie.

Bob Wertz is a creative director, type designer, Ph.D. student and researcher living in Columbia, South Carolina.