Bob Wertz


Bob Wertz is a designer, creative director and Ph.D. student living in Columbia, South Carolina, but I’ve got a page about that. This page is focused on what I’m working on right now.

Updated April 16, 2023

👍 What I’m working on

Getting healthy / During the first two months of 2023, I’ve been successful at eating better and moving more.

Editing academic papers / Recently got my first “revise and resubmit.” Working on editing that paper. We’ll see what happens.

Writing more / One of my goals for 2023. I’m getting in the habit of writing regularly. Just have to keep it up.

Type Design / I’ve got a contract job doing some typeface design. Lots of nights and weekend time right now.

✏️ Recently written

First impressions of the Adobe Firefly Beta / Playing with Adobe’s new beta generative AI service.

Easy Category Pages in Navigation on Micro.Blog / How I built the navigation on my site.

Hitting the pause button / Reflections on taking a semester off.

7 Subscriptions that I happily pay for / Investing in great products.

📺 Recent Media Favorites

Television / Bad Batch, Season 2; Star Trek: Picard, Season 3; The Mandalorian, Season 3.

Podcasts / Upgrade+ and Downstream.

Music / I’ve decided to relisten to complete albums from my youth. I’ll probably write about it at some point.

🤍 Active Websites and Profiles / This site, hosted on Micro.Blog. / Hosts my older blog posts and information about my type designs.

Google Scholar / Not much right now, but more to come.

Fontstruct / Download experimental modular type.

MyFonts / Purchase some of my typefaces.

💚 Most Active Social

Micro.Blog / My primary “open” social home. This feed can also be followed on Mastodon at

Instagram / I still post pictures.

💛 Less Active Social

LinkedIn / It exists.

💔 Not Updated Social

Twitter / After 15 years, I think I’m done.

Facebook / I check in very rarely.


🐠 The Fish

The fish at the top of the page is currently set to “looking up,” because I’m thrilled with Manton’s Twitter import feature on Micro.Blog. is hosted on Micro.Blog and uses a customized version of the Pure theme by Chris Hannah. "Bob Wertz" in the header and titles on the long posts are set in Powertrain Narrow Black, one of my typeface designs. You can purchase the my fonts on MyFonts.