Bob Wertz is a designer, creative director and Ph.D. student living in Columbia, South Carolina, but I’ve got a page about that. This page is focused on what I’m working on right now.

Updated April 16, 2023

👍 What I’m working on

Getting healthy / During the first two months of 2023, I’ve been successful at eating better and moving more.

Editing academic papers / Recently got my first “revise and resubmit.” Working on editing that paper. We’ll see what happens.

Writing more / One of my goals for 2023. I’m getting in the habit of writing regularly. Just have to keep it up.

Type Design / I’ve got a contract job doing some typeface design. Lots of nights and weekend time right now.

✏️ Recently written

First impressions of the Adobe Firefly Beta / Playing with Adobe’s new beta generative AI service.

Easy Category Pages in Navigation on Micro.Blog / How I built the navigation on my site.

Hitting the pause button / Reflections on taking a semester off.

7 Subscriptions that I happily pay for / Investing in great products.

📺 Recent Media Favorites

Television / Bad Batch, Season 2; Star Trek: Picard, Season 3; The Mandalorian, Season 3.

Podcasts / Upgrade+ and Downstream.

Music / I’ve decided to relisten to complete albums from my youth. I’ll probably write about it at some point.

🤍 Active Websites and Profiles / This site, hosted on Micro.Blog. / Hosts my older blog posts and information about my type designs.

Google Scholar / Not much right now, but more to come.

Fontstruct / Download experimental modular type.

MyFonts / Purchase some of my typefaces.

💚 Most Active Social

Micro.Blog / My primary “open” social home. This feed can also be followed on Mastodon at

Instagram / I still post pictures.

💛 Less Active Social

LinkedIn / It exists.

💔 Not Updated Social

Twitter / After 15 years, I think I’m done.

Facebook / I check in very rarely.


🐠 The Fish

The fish at the top of the page is currently set to “looking up,” because I’m thrilled with Manton’s Twitter import feature on Micro.Blog.